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Please fill in the form on the left.

Vendor applications are processed by the committee on a first come basis.

Unfortunately we can not accept all applications. We reserve the right to select applications based on the product mix or any other factor based on the objectives of the commitee.

Application Form

Note: Fill in name and email to modify existing application
Please describe the goods and/or services your will be providing at your stall. Please ensure this description is complete.
Note: Cold drinks can not be sold.
Anthing else you want to tell us
(optional) Limited power is available on site. We need to know what you are powering and how much current (in amps) it will draw. Please describe what powere requirements you may have and if your own your own generator.
By ticking this box you undestand thay you will be required to furnish us with a currency certificate for the date of the carols.

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